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Raise your performance with Sartomer's specialty methacrylates


  • Composites and gelcoats


Enhance the properties of your UPR and VER resins:


- Low VOCs, reduced styrene and MMA contents

- Optimized mechanical properties and durability

- Anticipation of evoluting regulatories


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methacrylate monomer and oligomer resins for styrene replacement in composites and gelcoats windmills
  • Adhesives and sealants


Optimize the performance of your VER, UPR and 2K epoxy/amine based systems:


- Maximized adhesion and cohesion to metal

- Improved toughness, mechanical properties and bond strength

- Extended low temperature window

methacrylate monomer and oligomer resins for construction adhesives and sealants
  • Flooring and waterproofing


Adopt unique solutions for MMA and 2K epoxy/amine based liquid applied systems:


- Accelerated return to service

- Low VOC, low odor

- Improved durability and flexibility performance

- High gloss retention


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methacrylatemethacrylate monomer and oligomer resins for flooring and waterproofing low VOC low odor adhesives and sealants

Low odor and low emission solutions

Discover Sartomer's potential alternatives to MMA, styrene, THFMA :


Product Description Functionality Viscosity @25°C, mPa.s Tg, °C
SR210HH PEG200DMA 2 15 T∝=79
SR423D IBOMA 1 13 120


Superior adhesion and toughness


  • Solutions for excellent mechanical properties :

- High performance monomers

- Market leading urethane acrylates and methacrylates




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