A global leader in UV/EB curing & advanced materials

Sartomer, a business line of Arkema group, has spent over 60 years pioneering the commercial development of products for multiple curing technologies.

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Every aspect of Sartomer's operations is uniquely structured towards one common goal - to accomodate the special requirements of each individual customer, large or small throughout the world.

Sartomer creates, supports, and encourages the advancement of innovation through a deep understanding of chemistry, technology, and global connectivity. Our expertise helps our customers develop next-generation products, increase efficiency, and improve time to market.

Our unique positioning

Sartomer positioning

Our solutions


* The world’s broadest toolbox of (meth)acrylate based resins, allowing customized properties and exceptional freedom of design: urethane, polyester, epoxy, amine oligomers ; and monomers

** Unique and advanced liquid resin solutions, enabling a targeted performance with overall excellent properties

*** Ability to partner and develop specialty products and services to meet specific customer needs

Our markets

Our markets