UV LED curing systems

Optimize the performance of your UV LED curable systems

UV LED curing technology key drivers


  • Very long lifetime and consistent energy output
  • No infrared emission
  • No heat generated
  • Warm-up time required
  • Impact and flexible lamp design
  • No generation of O3
  • Mercury-free system


Learn more about UV LED curing technology

  • Flexible packaging
  • Wood coatings
  • Commercial print
  • Indirect food contact applications
  • Industrial and electronic coatings
LED lamp designed for UV LED curing acrylate systems

A panel of solutions for superior performance

To go with the very fast development of UV/LED-curable coatings and inks, we have gathered for you our best recommendations to optimize performance.


Properties Products Viscosity (Pa.s @25°C) F* EUPIA Swiss ordinance Annex 10 2016 Nestlé August 2016 IKEA


SR368 Wax 3 C C but toluene residuals  C
SR833S 0,13 2 C C C C
CN2210 11 4 C NC NC C
CN2912 3 @ 50°C 3 C C C C
CN9165A 52 4 C C C but PETIA/PETA presence NC

Chemical resistance


SR355 0,7 4 C C C C
SR399 14 6 C C C NC
CN9276 5,8 6 C C C C
CN9210 2 @60°C 6 C C C
but PETIA/PETA presence
CN9215 1,2 @60°C 6 C C C
but PETIA/PETA presence
Adhesion  SR341 0,006 2 C C C C
CN2565 0,23 2 C C C C
Flexibility    CN2303EU 0,35 6 C C C C
CN3755 1,3 2 C C C
but HDDA presence
PRO21398 12 @60°C 4 C C C
but TMPTA presence
Pigment wetting CN293LV 7 4 C C but PETIA/PETA presence C
CN2555 9 4 C C C C


F* = functionality         

EA = epoxy acrylate

PA = polyester acrylate

UA = urethane acrylate


C = conform

NC = not conform

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