Food packaging compliance solutions

A full panel of compliant acrylate systems for UV and LED curable printing inks and varnishes

  • Flexible packaging
  • Direct to pack
  • Labels
  • Folded carton and board



In order to answer to the challenging indirect food contact applications, we are actively working to find the best solutions to keep the formulators at the highest level of performance.



To that purpose, we are proposing a dedicated offer of monomers and oligomers:

Our fully compliant oligomer selection

The following table provides a selection of Sartomer’s oligomers which have been fully assessed according to the current regulatory standards which apply to the Food Packaging sector, including Swiss Ordinance, Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks and EuPIA guidelines.








(Pa.s @25°C)



Swiss Ordinance

Annex 10 2016


August 2016









Polyester acrylates

CN2035 2 125 C C C C
CN2303EU 6 0,35 C C C C
CN2505 2 0,7 C C C C
CN2560 4 3 C C C NC
CN2555 4 9 C C C NC
CN2565 2 0,23 C C C NC
PRO22019 4 2,2 @50°C C C C C







Urethane acrylates

CN9002 2 3,7 @60°C C C C C
CN9196 6 50 C C C but PETA presence C
CN9209 9 9 @60°C C C C but PETA presence NC
CN9215 6 1,2 @50°C C C C but PETA presence NC
CN991 2 10 C C C C
PRO21398 4 12 @60°C C C C but TMPTA presence NC


Epoxy acrylates

CN113D70 3 5,1 @50°C C C C C
CN2912 3 3 @50°C C C C C


Amine modified acrylates

CN3755 2


C C C but HDDA presence C
CN550 3 2,8 C C C C

F = functionality                                                                       C = conform    NC = not conform

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