Organotin-free and BPA-free solutions

Address UV curing market regulatory challenges with Sartomer’s specialty acrylates expertise

Compliance with challenging regulations and directives

Most influential brand owners are more and more recommending to ban some chemicals for use in consumer goods. All along the supply chain, industrial players are trying to find alternatives to these potentially dangerous substances like BPAs and organotin.

Sartomer is actively working to find the best alternative solutions to keep the formulators at the highest level of performance.

Address UV curing market regulatory challenges with Sartomer’s specialty acrylates expertise

Our organotin-free solutions

Today, organotin compounds are more and more subject to public awareness:

  •  DBTL classified reprotoxic1B
  •  DOTL on-going proposal by member state Sweden to change classification to reprotoxic1B
  •  IKEA bans all compounds containing Sn-C bond


Therefore, Sartomer has developed a product range to respond to the formulators and brand-owners concerns regarding organotin compounds: organotin-free urethane acrylates.






     Viscosity @25°C (Pa.s) 

                              Applicative field


Key performance

Wood coating Metal coating Plastic coating OPV Inks Inkjet
CN965  2  23 @50°C    X X   X X  Impact resistance
CN9761TF  2  6 @50°C  X        X    Abrasion resistance
CN996(A80)  2  6,8 @60°C      X    X    Adhesion
CN1963  2  1,7 @60°C      X      

 Heat resistance

CN925  4  2,6      X      X  Reactivity
CN9165A  6  50  X  X  X        Stain resistance
CN9196  6  50        X  X  X  Mechanical performance
CN9276 6 5,8     X   X   Scratch resistance



Our BPA-free solutions

Bisphenol A is a classical building block of epoxy acrylate oligomers that are commonly used for any kind of formulation in wood coatings, inks and overprint varnishes. But some concern has raised concerning its use:

  •  BPA is classified H360F (reprotoxic 1B)
  •  BPA identified as SVHC (“Substance of Very High Concern”)
  •  « BPA free » is widely mentioned for the public (receipts, baby bottles,…)


Sartomer developed two BPA free oligomers: CN2911 and CN2912, as performance match to standard Bisphenol A epoxy acrylates. They have:

  •  Same level of viscosity
  •  Excellent hardness and chemical resistance properties
  •  Excellent cure speed


Liquid properties CN104D80 reference CN2911 CN2912
Functionality 2 3 3
Viscosity @50°C (mPa.s) 3200 3200 3200
Color (Gardner) <2 <2 <2
Mw (g/mol)  900 3000 3500


Cured film properties CN104D80 reference CN2911 CN2912
Mandrel bend (mm) 20 25 25
Persoz hardness (s) 350 340 290
Acetone resistance (s) >300 >300 >300
Tg (°C) 100 70 35
Yound modulus (MPa) 1800 1370 1295