Soft touch and feel UV coatings

Give a high-end luxurious feel to your UV curable specialty coatings

How does it feel?

Soft touch coatings are unique finishes that deliver the feel and appearance of a rubbery, velvety or silky fabric substrate:

acrylate oligomer for soft touch UV curable coatings


As much as aesthetic, the feel plays a decisive role in "buy or don't buy" decisions for consumer goods. Soft touch coatings are now extensively used in high-end applications like:


  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Small domestic appliances
  • Printing special effects


Formulate soft touch UV coatings with CN6510EU

CN6510EU is a unique acrylate oligomer especially designed for UV curable soft touch coatings



Typical liquid properties:


  • 100% UV, no solvent
  • Aliphatic, non yellowing
  • Viscosity @ 25°C: 70 Pa.s
  • Form: clear to hazy liquid
acrylate oligomer for soft touch UV curable coatings

Main features:


  • Solvent free
  • Spray applications
  • Can be formulated "as is", without additional resins, or with other Sartomer specialty acrylates to fine-tune film properties


Formulation         (%wt)        
Acrylate oligomer CN6510EU 86,00
Matting silica 3,65
Orgasol® 3501 EXD NAT 1 3,65
Photoinitiators 5,90
Dispersing agent 0,80

Typical film properties:


Properties Thickness/Substrate Data


Gloss at 85° 

30 µm on ABS 73,9
30 µm on Leneta chart 58,7


MEK resistance 

30 µm on aluminium > 100 s
30 µm on ABS 7 s
Persoz hardness 100 µm on glass 105


Curing conditions: 2x10 m/min, standard mercury lamp and doped lamp (0,5 J/cm²)


Additional benefits of Orgasol®* powder vs. silica:


  • Reduced viscosity for easier application
  • Lower gloss
  • Better stain resistance
  • Improved reactivity


*Orgasol® is a registered trademark of Arkema