Additives for UV LED EB applications

Sartomer's unique range of specialty additives provides adhesion, surface effects, and enhanced performance to the following applications:




Adhesion principle:


An adhesion promoter is a substance which is applied to a substrate to improve the adhesion of a coating or adhesive. Sartomer products contain carboxylic or phosphoric acid groups interacting effectively with the functionalities present on the surface of the substrates through covalent, ionic, or hydrogen bonds.


Adhesion promoters range:


ProductFViscosity (mPa.s @ 25°C)Key substratesUsage level (%)Applications

Phosphoric acid
SR9050 1 23

- good for metal adhesion

- excellent for plastic and wood adhesion

3-7 PVD, Melamine, Glass, PP
SR9051P 3 250

- good for metal and plastic adhesion

- excellent for wood adhesion

3-7 PVD, Melamine, Glass, PP
SR9054 1-2 2000

- excellent for metal adhesion

- good for plastic adhesion

1-7 Al, SS, Melamine, Glass, PP

Carboxilic acid
NEW PRO22099* 1 500

- good for metal and wood adhesion

- very good for plastic adhesion

5-20 PVD, PP
NEW PRO22332* 1 1500

- very good for metal and plastic adhesion

- good for wood adhesion

5-20 PVD, PP
Sarbox® SB400 8 12000

- excellent for metal adhesion

- good for plastic adhesion

10-40 PVD, Printed circuit board

F: Functionality

* Product under development available at pilot scale

High-end surface performance and feel



Products range:


ProductDescriptionFViscosity (Pa.s @ 25°C)Tg (°C)Typical usage level (%)Characteristics
CN9800 Silicone acrylate 2 40 -10 0.5-5 Additive to increase slip
NEW CN9801 Silicone acrylate 6 10 @ 60°C 60 2-10 Additive to increase slip and improve hydrophobicity
CN4002 Fluorinated acrylate 2 0.07 N/A 0.01-0.5 Easy to clean, anti-graffiti

F: Functionality


Enhanced functional performance

PerformanceProductDescriptionFTg (°C)Typical usage level (%)CharacteristicsComments

UV curing acrylate for 3D printing designed by sartomer for mechanical performance

High Tg

SR368 Triacrylate 3 270 1-10 High Tg, improves scratch resistance, very good heat resistance Totally or partially crystallized at room temperature

F: Functionality



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