LM5201 for food packaging inks

New low migration monomer for flexographic and digital UV/LED-curable inks

Uses and benefits

Product performance

  • Low viscosity
  • Good adhesion to plastics
  • High conversion
  • Minimum residuals

Typical Properties
Viscosity (mPa.s @25°C) 6
Tg (°C) 50
Surface tension (mN/m @23°C) 32


Ideally suited to reduce risk of migration

Product Description Tα (°C) % conversion = ΔHEXP/ΔHTHEO*100
LM5201 MPDA 90 75
SR238 HDDA 94 75
SR508 DPGDA 100 70

ΔHEXP: polymerization enthalpy measured by photo-DSC (3mW/cm², 5 min in presence of 1% Speedcure TPO-L)

ΔHTHEO: polymerization enthalpy calculated as the product [double-bond density x acrylate double-bond enthalpy]

LM5201, an addition to our low migration product range

A unique line of specialty acrylates assessed according to the following criterias:


  • Compliance toward food packaging regulations including Swiss Ordinance, Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks and EuPIA Guidelines
  • Tendency for migration
  • Composition of the finished product
  • Presence of NIAS (non-intentionally added substances)
  • Wide range of physical properties


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