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LM5201: monomer acrylate for food packaging inks

Uses and benefits

Product performance

  • Low viscosity
  • Good adhesion to plastics
  • High conversion
  • Low residuals
Typical Properties Value
Viscosity 6 cP @25°C
Tg 50°C
Surface tension 32 mN/m @23°C


Ideally suited to reduce migration levels

Product Description Tα (°C) % conversion = ΔHEXP/ΔHTHEO*100
LM5201 MPDA 90 75
SR238 HDDA 94 75
SR508 DPGDA 100 70


Product reliability & consistency

Monomers which are used in Graphic Arts applications are low molecular weight substances which possess a potentially higher tendency for migration. It is essential therefore to ensure that the quality of the selected monomers is consistent from batch to batch, with any reaction by-products being assessed and quantified.


In order to meet the above requirements, Sartomer has developed a range of superior quality monomers under "Y*" references.

The development of this range is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Thorough selection of raw materials
  • Strict process control
  • Analytical quality control process linked to tight specifications


*In all cases, it is essential that the end-user establishes the suitability of the selected monomers in each formulated ink/varnish systems intended for indirect food contact application.



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