PRO22019 for adhesion

New acrylate oligomer designed for superior adhesion UV LED EB curable printing inks

A new adhesion promoting oligomer acrylate




  • Good adhesion properties to a wide range of plastic substrates
  • Superior cure response both with UV and LED lamps
  • Excellent hardness
  • Minimized contamination and reaction by-products

Use and benefits

  • PRO22019 is an improved purity polyester acrylate designed to be used as main carrier or co-resin in pigment concentrates for offset inks
  • Minimum yellowing and relatively low viscosity level make it ideally suited for liquid ink systems and varnishes
  • Full compliance towards existing packaging regulations broadens the scope of usage to include indirect food contact applications


Acrylate oligomer for superior adhesion UV LED EB curable printings inks



PRO22019 typical properties Value
Viscosity 2,2 Pa.s @50°C
Tg 36°C
Elongation at break 1,5%
Young modulus 500 MPa


Food packaging compliance

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