Reactivity boosters

Designed to address photoinitiators shortage in UV-curable printing inks and varnishes

Performance highlights

Performance reactivity boosters

Range overview

Our range covers various chemistries and viscosities :

Product Description F Viscosity (mPa.s @ 25°C) Amine value (mgKOH/g)
NEW PRO21398 UA 4 12 000 (@ 60 °C) 120
CN2565 PA 2 300


LM7202 PA 1 400 115

F: Functionality

PA: Polyester Acrylate

UA: Urethane Acrylate

Technical highlights

Decreasing the quantity of photoinitiators in a formulation is always a challenge. Sartomer's amine-modified oligomers allow the formulator to maintain good reactivity, even in systems with a low amount of photoinitiators, in both UV and LED curing.

Photoinitiators reduction influence

Amine-modified oligomers improve reactivity by reducing oxygen inhibition and easing photoinitiator activation. CN2565LM7202 and PRO21398 exhibit the highest reactivity with a lower impact when decreasing photoinitiator levels.


For each formulations with an amine-modified oligomer and reduced photoinitiators quantity, UV dose has been measured and normalized against the corresponding standard composition, with both standard UV fusion and LED lamps.

Only a small additional UV dose is needed to perfectly cure formulations with reduced photoinitiators quantity and CN2565 or PRO21398 as amine-modified oligomer.

Curing system optimization

Optimum cure performance is achieved through a combination of Sartomer's amine-modified oligomers, especially CN2565 and LM7202, and highly functional oligomers, enabling higher reactivity at low photoinitiator ratios.


* Photoinitiators by Lambson

Curing conditions :

  • UV Heraeus lamp, 120 W/cm²
  • LED Phoseon lamp, 395nm, 12 W/cm²

Reactivity assessed by dry rub resistance on 12 μm thick films

PI = Photinitiator     UA = Urethane Acrylate


For each optimized composition with an amine-modified oligomer, reduced photoinitiators quantity and higher functional oligomer acrylate, UV dose has been measured and normalized against the corresponding standard composition, with both standard UV fusion and LED lamps.

The reactivity of the optimized composition - with less photoinitiators - is increased, noticeably in LED curing, as the required UV dose to obtain a cured film is reduced compared to the standard composition.

Range overview

NEW PRO21398

Urethane acrylate-based oligomer exhibiting superior mechanical properties with low shrinkage and good hardness/flexibility balance properties while ensuring very good reactivity.



Low-viscosity polyester acrylate-based oligomer combining good flexibility and enhanced adhesion properties, especially on plastic substrates. Ideally suited for use in flexo inks or inkjet as NVC replacement.



High-functionality polyester acrylate-based oligomer with balanced physical properties and superior pigment wetting, especially in flexo inks.

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