N3xtDimension® for 3D printing

New generation of solutions for UV curable additive manufacturing

Market-leading materials for 3D printing


Sartomer is taking its range of specialty resins for additive manufacturing processes to the next level through the introduction of performance oriented solutions, marketed  under the brand N3XTDIMENSION®.




Our engineered resins offering


N3XTDIMENSION® engineered resins* deliver targeted performance with overall excellent properties:

• High resolution
• Wavelength independency
• Processability

• Regulatory compliance


Our performance engineered solutions offering for UV curable 3D printing is composed of the 6 following unique products:


NEW N3D T-1105

High-temperature resin


Temperature resin


with a superior high temperature resistance that allows low deformation at high temperatures.

NEW N3D C-1115

Castable resin


Castable resin


to provide clean burnout, easy formulating and high resolution.

NEW PRO22362

Impact modifier


Impact resin 

imparts improved impact performance while preserving hardness or rigidity. 

N3D I-2105

Impact resin

 Impact resin 


imparts excellent impact resistance to 3D-printed materials and enables the manufacturing of functional parts.


N3D F-2115

Flexible resin


Flexible resin


achieves different flexibilities depending on the post treatment applied. 


N3D P-2125

Prototyping resin



enables excellent processability and limited evolution of mechanical properties after post-curing. 


*Add your package of photoinitiators, UV blockers, additives and pigments, to have ready-to-print solutions tailor-made to your printer.

Engineered resins applications