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SR789: new monofunctional monomer acrylate

A unique chemistry for superior performance

Product benefits

  • Low odour, low color
  • Good hardness
  • Superior adhesion to plastics
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Low water pickup
Typical properties  Value
Viscosity 15 cP @25°C
Tg 35°C
Surface tension 31,6 mN/m @23°C


Provide reactivity and mechanical strength to cured systems

Product Description Tα (°C) % conversion =  ΔHEXP/ΔHTHEO *100
SR506D IBOA 85 75
SR531 CTFA 36 79
SR789 TCDA 45 86
SR833S TCDDA 220 58


Improve performance level across all UV curable applications:

3D printing systems

Combine SR789 and SR833S for a low-odour alternative to SR506D, with matched mechanical performance

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