Photoinitiator Center of Excellence

The Photoinitiator Center of Excellence, located in Wetherby, UK, offers our customers new collaboration opportunities, expert technical support and advanced capabilities.


Our Wetherby team’s passion and technical excellence drives success through innovation, with in-house experts always on hand to offer specialist advice and guidance.

The experienced and knowledgeable team of synthesis, application and analytical chemists provide:

  • Product selection and formulation guidance
  • Technology and product assistance
  • Application knowledge support for coatings, inks, adhesives and 3D printing
  • Collaboration with experts from our 3D Printing Centers of Excellence to offer whole package solutions to client challenges

The innovation hub offers customized services and equipment:

  • Advanced R&D, technical and scale-up capabilities
  • Analytical and applications testing laboratories
  • Chemical synthesis capabilities

Decades of Experience in Photoinitiators

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Arkema acquired the Lambson business, located in Wetherby, UK, at the end of 2019, bringing extensive knowledge and experience in the development and production of photoinitiators to Sartomer’s pioneering UV-LED resins offering and  expertise.




The Lambson company introduced its first UV radiation curing products in the 1980s. In the years after, it transformed itself from a UK specialty chemical manufacturer to a global provider of photoinitiator solutions across all energy curing technologies ranging from protective coatings, adhesives and printing inks to automotive, electronics, food packaging industries and 3D printing


Collaborative Innovation and Partnerships

Our application and technical service team members have extensive experience in their dedicated market area, empowered by pioneering specialty UV resins and photoinitiators know-how.

They are here to provide formulation assistance for both experienced formulators and those new to energy cure technology. 

Our expert regulatory teams, at the Center of Excellence and in our locations around the world, actively follow and anticipate changes to the regulatory environments of our customers. Directly involved in the new product development process, they help ensure long-term regulatory compliance of next-generation material solutions. 

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