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New PRO21930 oligomer for high-end soft touch and feel UV curable coatings

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Sartomer Europe is launching PRO21930, a new aliphatic acrylate oligomer especially designed for soft touch UV curable coatings

Soft touch UV coatings are unique finishes that deliver the feel and appearance of a rubbery, velvety or silky fabric substrate. They are now extensively used in high-end applications for automotive, consumer electronics, cosmetic packaging, small domestic appliances and printing special effect markets.


 The use of PRO21930 will allow:

- no use of solvent

- low viscosity

- versatile performance

in the formulation of soft touch UV curable coatings.


PRO21930 can be formulated "as is", without additional resins, or with Sartomer's range of specialty acrylates to fine-tune film properties.


Access PRO21930 dedicated information sheet

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