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The K Show is the world’s stage for the plastics and rubber industry, and we are excited to share our latest technologies for advanced curing systems. In particular, we will present our innovative developments that enable sustainable and compliant solutions for a variety of automotive and house applications, as well as for the industry.

Featured Products:

  • N3xtDimension® Engineered Liquid Resins for 3D Printing: Smart industry solutions for UV-curable 3D printing that deliver exceptional freedom of performance design. The first real-sized 3D-printed woman soccer player will be showcased.

  • Saret® Rubber Coagents: High-performance reactive functional additives, capable of reacting with peroxide and sulfur vulcanized systems that enhance processing and impart superior performance properties. They are ideal for use in automotive and housing devices parts such as cables, belts, hoses and sealing systems.

  • Sartomer® Engineered Solutions for UV and Thermal Pultrusion: These advanced resins enhance UV and thermal pultrusion processing of reinforced glass fibers, as well as their final properties, for use in construction, transportation and industrial applications, as well as in the energy industry.

  • Sarbio® High-Performance Liquid Resins Based on Renewable Raw Materials: These unique resins enable a biobased solution for low-VOC and high-productivity UV and thermal curing. They provide a sustainable approach to developing consumer goods and deliver high-performance plastic coatings for components of smartphones, televisions, cosmetics packaging, household appliances and more.

  • Sartomer® Low Migration resins dedicated to packaging inks: A unique range of liquid resins for UV/EB inks and varnishes designed for indirect food contact flexible packaging and direct-to-pack applications.


Augmented Reality Experiences:

  • Life-sized, fully 3D-printed international football player

  • Sustainable and compliant approach for consumer goods applications interactive table

  • Innovations for automotive parts interactive table

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