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Oligomer methacrylate resins

Product range

Sartomer is developing unique oligomer methacrylate resins to bring performance to your systems

Discover our Urethane methacrylate resins

  •  UMA range – Thermomechanical performances

  • UMAs exhibiting different mechanical properties

     Typical Properties  CN1993CG CN1963CG  CN1964CG 
     Viscosity 7 Pa.s @60°C  1.7 Pa.s @ 60°C  10 Pa.s @ 25°C
     Tg  42 °C  80 °C  130 °C
     Elongation @ break  75 %  5 %  11 %
     Young modulus  145 MPa  1.1 GPa  1.4 GPa
     Color 0.5 Gd   0.3 Gd  0.3 Gd

Discover our CN159 Epoxy methacrylate resin


  • CN159 is a bisphenol A epoxy methacrylate which is mainly used in peroxide curing compositions and is present and many applications such as wood and metal coatings, Potting compounds and composites

     Typical properties Value 
    Viscosity 11 000 - 18 000 mPa.s (at 50°C)
     Acid value  < 5 mg KOH/g
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