MCure® friendly labelled reactive diluents

Discover our low VOC, friendly labelled reactive diluents and modifiers for 2K epoxy/amine systems

Main markets

  • Protective and marine coatings
  • Consumer and industrial floor coatings
  • Construction and repair
  • Road striping and traffic marking
  • Adhesives and composites
low VOC, friendly labelled reactive diluents and modifiers for 2K epoxy/amine systems
methacrylate monomer resins for low voc low styrene composite and gelcoat
low VOC, friendly labelled reactive diluents and modifiers for 2K epoxy/amine systems

Main benefits

Fine tune reactivity and flexibility

Cure speed evolves proportionally to functionality, with the exception of MCure® 206. MCure® 206 is as reactive as a trifunctional MCure® whilst enabling more efficient viscosity reduction. MCure® products give viscosity control without property loss.
Compared to DGEBA epoxy, MCure® reactive diluents provide higher elongation and impact resistance, to enhance the mechanical properties of your resin.

Reduce amine blush



At the surface, the amine reacts with CO2 and moisture to form carbamate salts. Consequence is a failed coating with a waxy finish, water spotting and delamination.
MCure® products help prevent and reduce amine blush, for longer-lasting coatings.

A preferable alternative to glycidyl ethers

MCure® products are time-efficient alternatives to glycidyl ethers, traditionally used in bi-component epoxy/amine systems.


Compared to glycidyl ethers, MCure® demonstrate:

  • Lower exotherm
  • Faster cure
  • Low shrinkage

MCure® unique product range

Sartomer can assist you with the selection of the most effective MCure® formulation to meet your application challenges.


Products MCure® 100 MCure® 200 MCure® 202 MCure® 206 MCure® 300 MCure® 301 MCure® 400
Backbone type Aromatic Aromatic Aliphatic Aliphatic Aliphatic Aliphatic Aliphatic
Eq. weight (g/mol) 257-267 130-140 205-215 100-110 111-121 100-110 80-90
Viscosity @25°C (mPa.s) 140 342 455 15 92 30 225
Main benefits

- flexibility

- C12 GE possible alternative


- high strength

- flexibility

- good wetting

- castor oil GE possible alternative

- high solvency

- fast cure

- high gloss retention

- good weatherability

- BDDGE possible alternative

- fast cure

- TMPTGE possible alternative

- low viscosity

- flexibility

 - low viscosity

- very fast cure


MCure® recommendation in suggested applications

Floor coatings


MCure® 206, MCure® 400 and MCure® 100 at 10% weight of the part A resin are recommended for each layer of your floor coating.

Protective metal coatings

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