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The challenges for radiation Curable Acrylates in Coatings

Continued Growth of UV systems for industrial coatings  


Continuous product development Answering global & local market needs


Constantly more regulatory requirements to support  industries



 High productivity and low  ownership cost process

Environmentally friendly and Solvent free systems

EB & LED enabling broader range performance & process advantages


Innovations for key market trends –soft touch, anti-fog ….

Customized solutions for optimal properties balance (adhesion, outdoor durability, flexibility, scratch resistance …) 




Impact of regulations and related labelling changes

Removal of substances of concern

Brand Owners & NGO’s guidelines

Sustainability initiatives            (SARBIO® Biobased resins)

Specialty acrylate resins for performance UV curable coatings

UV, UV LED and EB cured systems often over performed traditional coatings in many applications. With Sartomer specialty acrylates, formulators can develop innovative and customized solutions for the various market needs:



and achieve advanced properties in cosmetic, automotive, electronic and industrial applications.

Our experts address your needs with our full range of monomers and oligomers to give the best performances to your formulations.

Our recommendations for ADHESION

        Adhesion on  
Chemical family Product F* Viscosity (mPa.s @25°C) Metal coating Plastic coating Wood coating Comments












SR285 1 6 XX XXX    High solvency
SR531 1 13 XXX XX   Low odour, excellent balance of mechanical properties
SR339C 1 11   XXX XX High solvency, low shrinkage
SR506D 1 10 XXX X   High Tg and flexibility  
LM5201 2 6 XX XXX XX Low viscosity, good cutting power and weatherability
SR833S 2 140   XX    Low shrinkage, high Tg, good pigment wetting properties
SR9003 2 15   X  X  Excellent wetting properties, good solvency, low skin irritation, good flexibility and chemical resistance


Adhesion promoters  

SR9050 1 23 XX XX XX  Acidic adhesion promotor
SR9051P 3 250 XX XX  XXX  Acidic adhesion promotor
SR9054 1-2 2,000 XXX XX  X  Acidic adhesion promotor

















CN704 2 2,000 @75°C XXX XXX    High flexibility, elasticity and tack
CN736 2 2,000 @60°C X XXX   Excellent adhesion to various plastics
CN9001 2 46,000 @60°C  XXX XXX   High flexibility and low shrinkage
CN965 2 23,000 @50°C XXX XX    Low shrinkage
 CN925 4  2,500 XXX XX   High reactivity, hardness and low viscosity 
 CN998B80 3 40,000    XXX   PVC
CN2565 2 300   XX   Polyolefin
CN2608A  2 1,500 @50°C XXX X X Acidic functionalities
CN2610  2  25,000 X XX XXX Very good adhesion to melamine
SB400 8 12,000  XXX      Acidic functionalities
CN2003EU 2 4,000 @60°C XX XX X  Good flexibility and toughness
CNUVE150/80 2 40,000 XX XX X Humidity resistance


F*= functionality

Our recommendations for MECHANICAL PERFORMANCE

  Product F* Viscosity (mPa.s @25°C)
Tg (°C)
Elongation at break (%)
Young modulus (MPa) Comments







CN9210 6 2,000 @60°C  120 3 1,930 Good hardness, non yellowing, good chemical resistance 
CN9165A 4 52,000 100 2 1,300  Excellent reactivity, good scratch resistance, excellent stain resistance
SR833S 2 140  185     Low shrinkage, high Tg, good pigment wetting properties, excellent balance between flexibility and surface hardness 






CN9001 2 46,000 @60°C 55 74 73 High flexibility and low shrinkage 
SR256 1 5  -54      Very good solvency, low Tg, good adhesion to plastic and to difficult substrates like ABS, PMMA and polyolefines



Best compromise hardness/flexibility 

CN981 2 24,000 @50°C  35 75 920 Good abrasion, good impact resistance 
SR506D 1 10  85     High Tg, excellent adhesion properties on various substrates : plastic, polyolefines, wood and metal  



Our recommendations for ABRASION RESISTANCE

Product F* Viscosity (mPa.s @25°C) Comments
CN9210 6 2,000 @60°C  Good hardness, non yellowing, good chemical resistance
CN9215 6 35,000 @50°C Good reactivity, good chemical resistance, non yellowing, good hardness
CN2634 3 4,800 Excellent flexibility, low viscosity
SR595 2 10 High hydrophobicity, good flexibility
SR833S 2 140  Low shrinkage, high Tg, good pigment wetting properties, excellent balance between flexibility and surface hardness
SR355 4 700 Highly functional monomer, very good chemical resistance, good adhesion
SR368 3 wax High Tg, very good heat resistance, good adhesion to several substrates



Our recommendations for WEATHERABILITY

Selection Functionality Tg (°C)
Gloss retention (%)
Delta yellow index
CN9001 2 55 85 -3,1
CN981 2 35 97 -2,1
CN991 2 15 97,5 -1,05
SR531 1 10 100 -0,73
SR595 2 90 97 -1,2
SR833S 2 185 81 0,45

Florida (USA) exposure: Inland, facing south, 5° angle - Substrate: cold roll steel with E.coat/primer and white automotive basecoat
Solvent free clearcoat: 50% oligomers + 50% monomers + 3% TPO-L - Film thickness: 35-45 μm
Curing conditions: 4,5 J/cm2 with Heraeus lamps - bulbs V and H - under nitrogen

Our recommendations for field applied, PVC topcoat and concrete

  •  low viscosity
  •  excellent abrasion resistance
  •  high elongation
  • very good outdoor resistance
  • good adhesion
  • good adhesion
  • high reactivity
  • excellent scratch and chemical resistance
  • good stiffness
  • high pigment/fillers wetting



Specialty acrylate resins for UV curable adhesives

Formulate UV, UV LED and EB cured adhesive systems with Sartomer specialty acrylates and methacrylates:


  • Laminated adhesives
  • Light optical clear adhesives (LOCA)
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)


UV cured adhesives can be formulated with a wide range of functionalities and different acrylate chemistries to achieve advanced properties.

Specialty monomers and oligomers for the UV coatings and adhesives industry

Arkema's coatings materials offerings

Sartomer is a part of Arkema's broad range of solutions for the coatings market. From indoor to outdoor, Arkema can provide high performance solutions. Innovative & versatile design to boost your creativity. Respecting valuable natural resources for future generations.

At Sartomer we have a strong technical expertise to support your development, please contact us to discuss the best solution for your formulation.