Responsible liquid resin solutions for nail care


Innovating with you in mind is at the core of our business. As a global leader in advanced liquid resin solutions, Sartomer is pioneering to offer a product portfolio that enables our customers to meet their goals of responsible innovation and sustainability.

Our commitment is to empower our partners to exceed their performance targets without compromising competitiveness, safety or the environment.



Developing advanced performance

Formulation components
  • HSE compliant based products
  • Suitable for base, colour and top coatings; UV/LED gel polish and builder gel
  • Easy to formulate
  • Exceptional freedom of design with wide range of properties
  • UV, LED and peroxide curing
  • Low heat emission
  • Good surface cure
  • Good cure speed
  • Good leveling
  • Fast soak-off
  • Good adhesion
  • Good balance of toughness and flexibility
  • High scratch resistance
  • Non-yellowing
  • High gloss

Designing products with responsible care approach


In compliance with:


Offering products with superior quality standards

Our commitments: 

Nail ISO

Partnering with us for your nail formulations

Achieve your desired nail care properties with unique range of high-performance liquid resins! Sartomer's dedicated development team is ready to help address your specific challenges and deliver new solutions to the market.




Please contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

Advanced liquid resins for high-performance formulations

Our monomers offering

ProductFMEHQ (ppm)Viscosity (mPa.s @ 25°C)Tg (°C)Properties
SR210CG 2 <10 15 79

- very good hardness, adhesion, diluting power and soak-off

- very low odor

- excellent gloss

SR239CG 2 <10 6 30

- very good adhesion

- excellent diluting power and gloss

- very low odor

SR350CG 3 <10 47 N/A

- excellent hardness and reactivity

- very low odor

- very high gloss

SR423D 1 90-200 13 120

- excellent hardness, diluting power, soak-off and gloss

- very low exotherm

F : Functionality

Our oligomers offering

ProductFMEHQ (ppm)Viscosity (Pa.s @ 25°C)Tg (°C)Properties
CN9200CG 2 <10 56 @ 60°C 13

- very good adhesion

- excellent brightness

CN996BM85CG 2 <10 18 22

- very good hardness and soak-off

- very high reactivity and gloss

CN1993CG 2 <10 7 @ 60°C 42

- very good hardness and adhesion

- excellent soak-off

- high reactivity

- very low exotherm

- very high gloss

CN1963CG 2 <10 1.7 @ 60°C 80

- excellent hardness

- very high reactivity

- very good toughness

CN1964CG 2 <10 10 130

- excellent hardness and gloss

F : Functionality

Lambson photoinitiators

ProductDescription CAS


Ethyl (3-benzoyl-2,4,6-(trimethylbenzoyl) (phenyl) phosphinate 1539267-56-5
SPEEDCURE 73 Benzoyl isopropanol 7473-98-5
SPEEDCURE 84 Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone 947-19-3
SPEEDCURE 7010 Polymeric thioxanthone 1003567-83-6


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