Advanced materials

Design high-performance solutions with specialty methacrylates

Performance highlights

Advanced materials - performance

Dedicated markets

Advanced materials - composites and gelcoats


Enhance the properties of your UPR and VER resins

  • Low VOC, reduced styrene and MMA content
  • Optimized mechanical properties and durability
  • Anticipation of constant evolving regulations

Advanced materials - flooring and waterproofing


Adopt unique solutions for MMA and 2k epoxy/amine-based liquid-applied systems

  • Accelerated return to service
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • Improved durability and flexibility performance
  • High gloss retention

Advanced materials - adhesives and sealants


Optimize the performance of your VER, UPR and 2k epoxy/amine-based systems

  • Maximized adhesion and cohesion to metal
  • Improved toughness, mechanical properties and bond strength
  • Expended low-temperature cure window

Advanced materials - acrylic polymer additives synthesis


Discover our versatile toolbox of building block chemistries for unique polymer properties

  • Very broad Tg range
  • Hydrophobic to hyphilic structures
  • Amphiphilic/associative behavior
  • Crosslinking and morphology control (core shell)

Our most recent developments and recommendations

Low-odor and low-emission solutions

Potential alternatives to MMA, styrene, THFMA


Product codeAcronymFunctionalityViscosity (mPa.s @25°C)Tg (°C)
SR206 EGDMA  2 4 Tα=150
SR210HH  PEG200DMA 2 15 Tα=79
SR214 BDDMA 2 4 Tα=140
 SR423D IBOMA  1 13 120


Advanced performance

Unique methacrylate adhesion promoter product: SR9054

SR834 (TCDDMDMA) for excellent mechanical properties:

  • high Tg
  • low shrinkage
  • optimized hardness/flexibility

High performance urethane (meth)acrylates:

  • CN1963 for excellent impact strength and heat resistance
  • CN966H90 for very high elongation

Advanced flooring and waterproofing solutions

High performance resins:

  • CN9002* for optimized flexibility/toughness
  • CN2003EU for excellent adhesion


Unique MCURE® products:

  • MCURE range for high solvency, fast cure, good weatherability, high gloss retention
  • MCURE 206 as a potential BDDGE alternative


* Available diluted in MMA and EHA

Unique building blocks

Advanced materials - unique building blocks


Sartomer's unrivaled line of specialty acrylates and methacrylates:

  • Crosslinking and morphology control
  • Hydrophilic
  • Superplasticizer
  • Amphiphilic/Associative
  • Associative thickener


*Product under development

At Sartomer we have a strong technical expertise to support your development, please contact us to discuss the best solution for your formulation.