Unique building blocks for acrylic polymer design

Discover Sartomer's high performance specialty acrylate and methacrylate building blocks

A versatile toolbox of chemistries



  • Acrylate and methacrylate
  • Monofunctional to multifunctional
  • Linear to branched aliphatic
  • Cycloaliphatic to aromatic
  • Alkoxylated aryl and alkyl
  • Dual functionality (hydroxy, vinyl)
Reduce VOCs and optimize performance of your flooring and waterproofing applications with our specialty (meth)acrylates

A customized product line for unique properties



  • Very broad Tg range
  • Hydrophobic to hydrophilic structures
  • Reactive sites
  • Crosslinking and morphology control (core shell synthesis)
acrylate and methacrylate monomer resins for acrylic polymer synthesis textile

The possibility to design innovative acrylic polymers for very diverse applications



  • Adhesives
  • Coatings
  • Construction
  • Dispersing and thickening agents
  • Textile and leather treatment
  • Oilfield additives and lubricants
Sartomer's high performance specialty acrylate and methacrylate building blocks

Sartomer's most recent developments and product highlights

High performance, low Tg building blocks

Product code Structure Mn (g/mol) Tg (°C) Surface tension (mN/m)
SR552 568 -65 37
SR567P 1494 -60 32,6


Unique specialty building blocks

Product code Structure Tg (°C) Surface tension (mN/m)
SR495B -55 42,9
SR604 -50 33,3
SR606A 100 31,8

*acrylate version and various chain length available

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