Sartomer Invests in In-house EB Labs for Developing Advanced Electron Beam Curing Solutions

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Sartomer, a business line of Arkema, has launched in-house electron beam (EB) labs with equipment to enable customers to develop and test innovative EB curing formulations on a small scale using Sartomer’s advanced liquid resin solutions. The company has recently installed EB lab units—standalone, compact, simple-to-use electron accelerators—in its France and USA R&D centers. A third installation is planned for its Asia operations.


EB curing is a green technology with very low VOC emissions and no solvent waste. Therefore, demand for EB-curable materials is growing for many applications including coatings, inks and adhesives. EB curing also is a highly productive process because it enables high-speed processing. Because it does not require heat, it is ideal for sensitive substrates. Moreover, EB curing does not require the use of photoinitiators, which minimizes migration.

As a world leader in EB curing technologies, Sartomer develops advanced liquid resin solutions and works with customers to formulate next-generation EB curable materials, increase efficiency and improve their time to market. Sartomer’s innovative products significantly boost the benefits of EB curing by enhancing properties such as high gloss, abrasion resistance, deep penetration and high-speed processing. Applications include food packaging, flooring, laminated adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, metal coatings, architectural and industrial foils, high-pressure laminates and furniture, and graphic arts. 


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